Vincent J. Musi

All the exceptional photos of animals on the studio windows, in the studio and on this website were taken by Vincent J. Musi. This series of photographs is titled Animal Minds and was published by National Geographic Magazine in 2008. When personally invited by Paola Pivi, Musi kindly agreed to collaborate with Grrr Jamming Squeak, sharing his images with the studio and with the city of Rotterdam.

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De bijzondere foto’s van dieren te zien op de ramen van de studio, in de studio en op deze website zijn gemaakt door Vincent J. Musi. Deze fotoserie, Animal Minds is in 2008 gepubliceerd in National Geographic Magazine. Op uitnodiging van Paola Pivi neemt Musi deel aan Grrr Jamming Squeak en stelt zijn foto’s beschikbaar voor de studio en de stad Rotterdam.

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